Event Information

Little Athletics NSW has put together a series of Basic Event Fact Sheets, aimed at providing centre volunteers with the essential knowledge for helping at an event at the local centre.

The fact sheets are a suitable resource for people with little or no knowledge of the sport and cover such things as:

  • ages and correct specifications for the various age groups
  • basic instruction on how to do the event
  • basic rules
  • basic officiating procedures
  • safety considerations
  • handy tips for conducting the event at centre level


You can download copies of the Fact Sheets, from http://lansw.com.au/Education-Training/Centre-Helpers/Event-Fact-Sheets events include

Starters / Starting             Timekeeping                      Place Judging                     Hurdles

Relays                                 Walks                                  Shot Put                              Discus

Javelin                                 Long Jump                          Triple Jump                        High Jump


Whilst participating in Little Athletics, athletes should work towards the improvement of their technique in the various events. This will not only help improve their performance in Little Athletics, but the correct movement patterns will carry across to other sports and activities.

You can download copies of the basic technical model for some of the Little Athletics events from http://lansw.com.au/Education-Training/Athletes/Basic-Technique . Events include

Standing Start                    Crouch Start                      Sprinting                             Middle Distance

Hurdles                               Shuttle Relay                     Circular Relay                    Shot Put

Discus                                  Long Jump                          High Jump (scissors technique)