Committee Contacts

Home Ground – Tamworth Athletics Centre, Jack Smyth Drive, South Tamworth NSW 2340

Competition night – Little Athletics – Fridays from 5.30PM during the 4th and 1st school terms

Postal Address PO Box 5031 South Tamworth NSW 2340

Email: tlac.tamworth@outlook.com

President-Public Officer Tim Earl 0404 131 006      lednsw@gmail.com
Vice President Public Officer Nyomie Hoffman
Secretary Ange Jones tlac.tamworth@outlook.com
Treasurer-Uniforms Margi Frazer  0428 680 236      margi.frazer@hotmail.com
Register Linda Wilson Linda@mandelbug.com
School Carnival & Equipment Tim
Championship Officer Rodney Morrison
Point Score/Recorder Tracey Miskle
General Committee  Natalie Willsallen, Rebecca Harding, Kimbley Brown,

Emily Archbold, Emma Johnson.