Operational procedure for Friday nights

Season commences Friday 19th October 2018 – at 5.30pm with a warm up for start 5.45. 

Athletes must bring a drink – should an athlete not be provided with a drink this matter will be addressed with the parent or guardian. We also recommend sunscreen and a hat. 

Like all organisations, Little Athletics has rules. These rules are there to ensure the safety of all athletes, parents and visitors. We ask children and parents to cooperate and to keep to the rules so that we can all enjoy our Friday nights in safety. All athletes must be registered with LANSW before they participate.

On arrival athletes are to line up behind age tub, placing drink bottle in the tub, ready for the warm up.

Athletes must not climb on or play with equipment that has been set up in preparation for the evenings events (especially High Jump mats & Hurdles) and there is to be no climbing or swinging on bars, fences or climbing up poles/nets. Athletes are not to climb on and/or sit at the top of the timekeeper stands either side of the finish line. Spikes must be removed at the end of each event and not worn between events.

NOTE : Athletes can only take the field if they have their current year registration number attached to their uniform. (This is a risk management procedure in the event of an emergency all athletes must be accounted for)

Whilst athletes are participating in warm up, volunteers will be called for to assist the age manager with the behaviour, retrieving equipment, raking pits, pencilling and co-ordination of the group etc. Each volunteer must sign the volunteer sign on sheet. Groups will not take the field if there are insufficient volunteers to assist the Age Manager (must be 3 or more). It is expected that all parents/carers volunteer throughout the year. If there is a lack of volunteers, a roster system will be put in place. Depending on the size of the group, each group will require between 3 & 6 volunteers. All volunteers inside the fence must wear a yellow Hi-visi vest. Age Managers and area supervisors will wear orange vests. All spectators and smaller children must remain behind the fence. No prams are allowed onto the field. This procedure has been implemented to ensure the safety of both the athlete and the spectator. Volunteers will also be called for each week to be timekeepers and assist in the canteen.


All registered athletes and parent volunteers who sign on at the canteen are covered by insurance taken out by Little Athletics Australia. If a parent fails to sign the attendance register, they are not covered by insurance and not permitted on the field.

Age Managers

Each age group will be appointed an Age Manager. Age Managers are parents like yourself and play a vital role in the smooth running of our centre nights. However it is still necessary to have other volunteers help the Age Managers to run each event. So that the Age Managers can provide the athletes with their attention and knowledge it is essential for at least three other volunteers to help run each event. Age Managers will be required to hold a Working with Children Check with the Club or have lodged an exemption.

 Parent or Guardian attendance

So that athletics is as enjoyable and well run as possible for your children, WE ENCOURAGE, AND NEED YOUR HELP! Don’t worry if you feel you may not know enough to assist. There is always someone who will show you. Parents can help with measuring throws or jumps and timing races. For smooth operation it is essential that parents assist in whatever capacity they feel comfortable. During competition parents and/or guardians must stay at the ground with their child/ren. Do not drop your child/ ren off and leave. Unsupervised child/ren can, and will, be excluded from competition. Parents are asked to actively participate in the operation of the centre by assisting in the running of events at our regular weekly competitions.

Where to meet: With the exception of parents help set-up duty, all other parents are required to meet at 5.15pm at the front of the Clubhouse, to get a brief run down on the night ahead.

Parent Uniform: You will be given a bright yellow vest to wear, so you are easily identifiable to athletes. Please wear closed in shoes.

Working with Children Checks

All Coaches, Committee Members and Age Managers must have a Working with Children Check registered with the Club. Any volunteer that holds a WWCC number is encouraged to have this registered with the Club as well. To have your WWCC No registered with the Club, please complete a Declaration form which can be obtained from the secretary or from the LANSW website, present to the Clubhouse with a copy of your drivers licence. If you are a parent attending a Little A’s event you may be exempt from requiring a WWCC, by completing the exemption form you will acknowledge and record your exemption to the Club.

WWCC Declaration

No Smoking & Alcohol Policy
The Little Athletics Association of NSW has a strict No Smoking policy and Council regulations state that TRC Athletic Centre is a smoke and alcohol free zone. If you smoke please do so in the carpark and not on the grounds.

Code of Conduct

Behaviour of the children at our centre is paramount to the committee. Every person, adult and child comes to Little A’s to enjoy themselves. If a child is deemed to be behaving in an unsafe or unsportsmanlike manner, the age manager should be approached in the first instance. If the age manager is unable to resolve the situation, the age manager should report the problem to a committee member who will advise the child’s guardian of the problem. The guardian is responsible for correcting the child’s behaviour. Should the child continue to exhibit unwelcome behaviour, they will be excluded from further participation that night, and may be excluded from further competition nights.  After resuming activities, further misbehaviour can result in suspension for the rest of the season.

Extreme offences can result in instant expulsion on the night.


Everyone is reminded that athletic equipment is expensive. Please treat it with care. The equipment is not to be used without Team Manager or Official supervision.

Lost Property

Our lost property collection can be found at the clubhouse. Please check regularly for any missing hats, jumpers, shoes etc. The collection of lost property operates under an honor system. Tamworth LAC will endeavor to return items which are clearly marked to their owners, but the lost property container will periodically be cleaned out and any unmarked or unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

Communication with members


During warm up @ 5.30pm parents are asked to listen to the Club announcements so not to miss out on important information

Notice Board

Information is posted weekly on the notice board


Regular updates and detailed information about the Club is   available on the website www.tamworthlac.org.au and general Little Athletics information www.lansw.com.au


Regular updates are on our facebook page Tamworth Little Athletics – this is a closed page, for the safety of minors and you will need to request access.


In the event of rain, excessive heat or Council closure of the fields – cancellation will be advised via Facebook and 92.9FM radio

Bulk Emailing

Once all regos have been finalised and entered into the system the Club will be able to issue bulk emails to registered athletes