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Hot Weather Guidelines – This is in the process of being updated.

Hot Weather Guidelines

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Mobile Phone Usage by Athletes

Any athlete in the U17 group and younger are not to take their mobile phones inside the track unless they need it for medical reasons. it is to be left with a parent or safely kept in the club house. If an athlete is seen with a phone inside the track they will be given one warning to put it away. If they are then caught again they will be asked to remove themselves from the field.



Sportsmanship is defined as:

·         playing fair

·         following the rules of the game

·         respecting the judgment of referees and officials

·         treating opponents with respect

Define good sportsmanship – treating the people you play/compete with and against as you’d like to be treated yourself. You demonstrate good sportsmanship when you show respect for yourself, your teammates, and your opponents, for the coaches on both sides, and for the referees, judges, and other officials.

But sportsmanship isn’t just reserved for the people on the field. parents also need to be aware of how they behave during competition. Sportsmanship is a style and an attitude, and it can have a positive influence on everyone around you.

1. Be a good role model – If kids see you trying, they’ll take notice of your efforts.

2.   Keep things positive – Kid’s don’t like to hear what they can’t do, tell them what they can do instead. Keep it fun and positive. Everyone likes to be praised for a job well done. Celebrate successes and help children and teens develop a good self-image.

3.   Get the whole family moving –  get moving together. Everyone will benefit from the exercise and the time together.

4.   Be realistic – Setting realistic goals and limits are key to adopting any new behavior. Small steps and gradual changes can make a big difference in your health over time, so start small and build up.